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Welcome to the website of

The Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society

(Accredited under the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries)

Batemans Bay Heritage Museum Photo Gallery

Displays Displays After Hours Interact with history in our dress-up Collection 206297632 Schoolroom Memories 206297636 1940s Lounge 206297635 After Hours 206297633 Courtroom Bench 206297634 It's All About the Book 206297637 Lawnmower Display 206297639 The Dairy Shed 206297640 Medical Memories 206297641 Store 206297642 The Barry Hickson Collection, with the Store beyond 206297643 Seaside Memories 206297644 It's All About the Book 206297645 Medical Memories 206297646 206297638 206297648 It's All About the Book 206297649 Communications 206297650 After Hours Our very own picture theatre 206297647 Prison Cell 206297651 Kitcen Display 206297652 Kids' Space 206297653 Kids' Space Our Curiosity Cabinets 206297659 206297654 Laundry 206297655 206297656 Aborigine Exhibit 206297657 Lest We Forget 206297658