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Welcome to the website of

The Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society

(Accredited under the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries)


The Society welcomes all levels of skill and life experience. We offer a range of projects and activities including photography, administration, exhibition building, day to day maintenance, publications and fund-raising - not forgetting an interest in promoting local history! We offer regular social activities, training opportunities, and a quarterly newsletter.

Can't help physically? Join without the 'hands on'. You are supporting local heritage just by being a member. You will enjoy all member benefits without being asked to guide school kids or man the BBQ!

Prospective members are warmly invited to CONTACT US to organise a

NO-OBLIGATION guided tour and chat about what we can offer.

Executive Committee meetings & notification to General Membership

Meetings of the Executive Committee are held monthly at 10.00am on the third Tuesday, while the Annual General Meeting is held annually in August.

General Membership meetings are no longer held as most members are active within the museum. The quarterly newsletter ('Pastimes') will carry a full page of Executive decisions and activities. An enlarged copy of the newsletter will be displayed on a more prominent 'Member Noticeboard' in the Kitchen. General members are also welcome to attend Executive Meetings or view the printed minutes.

During 2020, all existing and new members will be issued with a membership card.

Constitution of the Society

Due to its large size, the original Constitution of the Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society may take a few minutes to load.

AGM held September 26th 2020

Welcome to our 2020-2021 Committee

President : Ewan Morrison

Secretary : Lesley Billings

Treasurer : Sandra Smith

Committee Chris Ruszala: Vice President/Fundraising

Portfolios: Fran Gray: Asst. Treas./eHive management

                    Lynette Styles: Asst. Sec./Research

                    Debra Hope: OH&S Officerl/Social Media/Retail

                    Les Smith: Building/Maintenance

                    Myf Thompson: Curatorial/Newsletter

                    Nerida Castle: BMD print media

Special       Ray Mooney: Cemeteries Group

Interests:    Chris Bendle: Family History

Constitution of the Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society - released 9 November 1999

First amendment to the CR&BBHS Constitution - released 9 August 2011